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Pasturized Crab Meat (Jumbo Lump) Blue Swimming
Pasturized Crab Meat (Jumbo Lump) Blue Swimming

1 lb



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Colossal Lump and Jumbo Lump Crabmeat

Colossal lump crab (also known as mega jumbo or super jumbo) is the large chunks of meat that connect to the swimmer fins. There are only two of these muscles per crab, which is why it is so expensive (often $40 to $50 or more per pound). Jumbo lump crabmeat chunks are the same two muscles, just from smaller crabs. Both colossal and jumbo are excellent for those times when you want big chunks of crab to lift with your fingers and dip in butter or your sauce of choice.

Colossal and jumbo have a fine texture and sweet taste that should be savored on their own, which is why they are not a great choice for crab cakes. The seasonings might overwhelm the delicate flavor and mixing the ingredients would break up the tender chunks. Putting it bluntly, do not get this type of meat for crab cakes. It is too pricey to use such a delicacy in that way.

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